I could be persuaded. Eh, probably not.

The political impact of Michael Moore’s “Fahrenheit 9/11″ documentary, opening today, is already being deliberated in the press. Considering my source material this morning, I use the word “press” in the broadest possible sense. (What? It was free with my hotel room.)

Journalistic snobbery aside, USA Today’s article raises the issue of persuasion. Clearly, Moore wants the film to be the ultimate attack piece — to his credit, something that hasn’t been done before on this scale. The impact, however, is likely to be negligible.

This weekend’s premiere, on screens in 868 theaters nationwide, is likely to be seen most by the people who don’t need any convincing to oppose the President’s campaign.

More than likely, the film’s impact will be limited to a cinematic get-out-the-vote campaign, which could certainly have an impact in the long run.

Will it turn Bush lovers in to Bush haters – or even Bush questioners? We’ll probably never know – they’d have to want to see it first.

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