The 30-second ad that lasted six months.

Republican and Democratic Party leaders are still firing missives at one another over two internet ads which featured the President and Adolph Hitler and drew some specious (at best) comparisons between the two. While officially denied any culpability in or endorsement of the ad, it was submitted to the organization’s “Bush in 30 Seconds” political ad contest and hosted at MoveOn’s

MoveOn may have pulled the ad, but it’s the Bush Campaign that thinks it still has legs. Also, the DNC who thinks that criticizing the criticism also still has legs. Finally, as a sidenote, the German government wants you to forget about Hitler.

The President’s website showcases a movie in which clips from the offending ad are interspersed with Bush campaign text saying that (I paraphrase here) while Kerry has denounced the Bush Campaign’s use of these ad clips, he has not denounced leaders like Al Gore and George Soros who have compared the President to Hitler. The ad then contains several clips, including a speech by Al Gore, but none contain a reference to Hitler.

While political ads are notoriously vague, the Bush video seems to be confused about its identity. It starts with the title “The Faces of John Kerry’s Democratic Party” and features Hitler, Kerry, Dick Gephardt, Michael Moore, and Howard Dean. None of the latter make any remarks comparing Bush to the former, however. It seems as if the campaign started out making a “how dare Democrats compare Bush to Hitler” ad but got lost in the middle and concluded the ad by lambasting Kerry’s “pessimism.”

Essentially, six months of spin on a 30-second ad equals a situation where neither party is sure what they’re talking about anymore. This attack has hit a wall for both sides, let’s move on. (Pun very intended.)

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