Is it really stealing the spotlight when it’s offered?

The Washington Post reports today that the speakers have been set for both the Democratic and Republican national conventions, and a couple questionable choices appear on both lists.

The Democrats’ headliner is certainly no stranger to the spotlight lately: ladies and gentlemen, a warm round of applause for President Bill Clinton. With pundits already questioning the potential effect of his book tour on the Kerry Campaign, the former President seems an interesting choice for Democrats. Within the party, he’ll be a huge hit. Outside the convention doors, in the land of the undecideds, it may be a hit of another flavor. In four years, Clinton seems to have moved from pariah to patriarch; Gore’s strategy of keeping WJC at arm’s length is certainly not being heeded this time ’round, but then again, it wasn’t a winning strategy for Gore.

Still, the majority of the buzz around Clinton’s book is, predictably, his affair with Monica. It’s hard for me to believe it’s a positive for Kerry to have Clinton recounting his “couch time” after telling his then-First Lady Hillary about the affair.

Down in NYC, the Republicans will host Governor Schwarzenegger at the podium, apparently unfazed that the actor-cum-governor stands in sharp contrast to some of Bush’s core social issues. Strategy might suggest that the Republicans are paying more attention to the land of the undecideds by putting forward the pro-choice, pro-gay moderate to ensure that the President’s foothold in the right doesn’t freak out the moderates in the undecided category.

Then again, perhaps it’s just so the Governor can drop some movie lines and get some laughs.

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