Dems score big on blogs

With the Democratic Convention granting press credentials to bloggers for the first time, the blogopshere is chock-full of tales of wonderment. This morning’s “Blogger Breakfast” has been covered by several blogs and cross-linked like crazy. (That said, the cross-links begin here.)

The BurntOrangeReport covers the event extensively, and Wonkette has been buzzing all day, not so much about the convention itself, but about her fellow bloggers and the novelty of blogging with credentials. The Wall Street Journal published a partial listing of the credentialed bloggers in today’s edition – the featured folks range in age from 16 to 59, and in political affiliation from centrist to leftist, with one Republican outlier.

It’s a big win for the DNC – they’ll net post after positive post about how progressively wonderful they are for inviting bloggers into the press tent, and all they really had to give up was a little Fleet Center real estate and an (apparently finicky) wireless hub.

While the Boston bloggers enjoy being fawned upon by the DNC (and becoming the story themselves for a change), DA will stay camped out here in D.C. Quiet, quiet, D.C.

Maybe Andrew will call me for drinks.

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