It’s morning again in stem-cellia

Ron Reagan, Jr. gave a completely non-political speech last night. At the Democratic National Convention. In which he asked people to vote for John Kerry. Yes, in Reagan’s own words, he was “not here to make a political speech.”

Perhaps in reverence to his mother and late father, Reagan didn’t take the DNC’s stage to give a “rah rah” speech for the presumptive Democratic nominee, but it was political nonetheless.

His speech was an impassioned (albeit sometimes technical) plea for the importance of stem cell research, but was directed mostly to the folks outside the Fleet Center walls – a tailor-made talk for moderates who have diabetics, Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s patients in their family circle, and who someday hope for a cure.

Reagan didn’t mention Kerry by name, but asked delegates and the at-home audience to “cast a vote for embryonic stem cell research” come November. His message to the moderates, between the lines: if you agree with me, vote Kerry.

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