They love to hate Fox

On Tuesday, the Democrats welcomed actor Benjamin McKenzie to the podium to energize the youth vote. As the alpha-heartthrob of the impossibly gorgeous and opulent cast of The O.C., he was well received by the delegates – especially those under 30 who actually knew who he was.

Problem was, it was a schizophrenic moment for the Democrats. Not 24 hours prior, the delegates jeered and booed when convention organizers asked them to position themselves for the official convention photo. The offending direction? Turn toward the digital clock, next to the (gasp!) Fox 25 sign.

While I’m quite sure their vexation was actually directed toward the conservative-leaning Fox News Channel, the delegates inadvertently took out their anger on the affiliate who delivers McKenzie and the rest of The O.C. to Boston.

The delegates might want to consider the possibility that not everything with the word “Fox” in it is all bad.

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