They’re equally as bad, see?

Frustrating Democratic efforts at making a distinction in a sometimes-hard-to-find-the-difference Presidential race, Nevada Republicans put forth a volley this week against Kerry’s voting record on the locally-hated Yucca Mountain Project. The Kerry team has told Nevadans that he’s behind them in their fight to stop the nation’s nuclear waste from being shipped to the battleground state, but his voting record seems to indicate otherwise.

Las Vegas Review-Journal columnist Jane Ann Morrison provides a well-researched analysis of the western squabble. She points out that Senator Harry Reid (D-NV), Kerry’s #1 fan in the state, called the so-called “Screw Nevada” bill “an act of naked and unprovoked aggression.” Kerry voted for it.

Reid says now, however, that the bill was “just a study.”

Nevada Republicans aren’t trying to gain the edge on this issue; that edge fell out from under them when the Bush Administration named Yucca as site for the repository. They’re hoping, however, to take away any perceived edge the Kerry team may have on the issue in the battleground state.

Unfortunately for undecided Nevadans, their wedge-issue deciding point may have been taken out from under them. They’ll be forced to do their homework. Or roll the dice.

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