Any job worth doing is worth doing fast

The race continues to determine which party can solve the nation’s complex intelligence foibles the fastest – ah, I mean – best. They’re the same thing, right?

The Hill reported yesterday on the latest in a series of one-upmanship, this time from the Senate Democrats. Minority Leader Tom Dashle (D-SD) called for an intelligence reform bill to be prepared by September 1, a date that coincidentally falls in the middle of the Republican National Convention.

Republicans and Democrats originally dropped the ball on this important issue, but they’re now positioning themselves to drop the ball again by pushing legislation as fast as they can to meet the demand from 9/11 families.

Intelligence reform is clearly an important issue, but election year politics may make it a joke by rushing the legislative process in search of political points. They need only look across the river to Congress’ Virginia neighbors to see where legislating without considering the consequences can get you.

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