Show them the money!

As they should, House Democrats are asking for their money back from the campaign of Democrat-turned-Republican Rodney Alexander, the Hill reports. Alexander isn’t sure of how, exactly his campaign can accomplish that and indicated they are “going to have to do some scratching around on this.”

The dollar figures are significant. House colleagues alone gave him close to $70,000, according to CongressDaily, and a fundraiser hosted by Democratic Leadership netted $18,500. That doesn’t count the labor donations this cycle, totaling $175,500. Labor officials are still deciding whether they’ll request their donations back. The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, however, is also looking at asking for the $193,000 they spent on his 2002 race. The DCCC also directed over $736,000 to the Louisiana Democratic Party on Alexander’s behalf during the 2002 election, according to The Hill.

Alexander isn’t under any obligation to return the money given him by Democrats; for such an obligation to exist would constitute a quid pro quo. Democrats who have contributed to Alexander’s current campaign, however, have every right to ask for and expect their money back.

Any such request from the DCCC for back-contributions would be a little over the line, though; they’re better off to cut their past losses and focus on their competitive races and make Alexander’s sneaky move a move to the minority in the 109th Congress.

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