Quit faster, please!

The political dust is still unsettled in New Jersey, but some developments are worth noting. I’ll be back with further commentary as this mess gets sorted out.

Over the weekend, however – and not surprisingly – New Jersey Republicans (and now some Democrats) called for McGreevy’s immediate resignation. The New Jersey GOP has said that by staying in office until November 15, he’s denying the good folks of the Garden State the right to pick their Governor. While the entire saga is bigger than this one argument, his detractors are being a little disingenuous. Voters in New Jersey did have the opportunity to pick their Governor, and they picked McGreevy. For four years.

While the cloud of corruption and scandal will likely get in the way of his “orderly transition” over the next ninety days, it’s presumably his choice to leave on his terms. If political pressure interjects, so be it. But while events of the coming days may prove otherwise, what McGreevy has publicly said thus far isn’t grounds for his resignation – they’re just grounds for divorce.

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