The right use of wrong tactics?

Capitol Hill outmonger Mike Rogers has announced his latest conquest – this time, a Republican Congressman and supporter of the Federal Marriage Amendment. The Raw Story

coverage of the solicitous phone message allegedly left by Congressman Ed Schrock (R-VA) on a local DC sex line.

Until now, Rogers’ accusations have been targeted toward closeted Hill staffers and vague references to the sexuality of already-supportive Members of Congress. This latest outing may give brief – but hopefully fleeting – legitimacy to his questionable efforts.

When we look back on this struggle toward a world where sexuality doesn’t matter and all are treated equal, these tactics should not be the legacy of our future accomplishments. Rather, they are the very definition of the wrong thing done for the right reasons.

Will Schrock’s absence in the 108th Congress help the gay rights movement? Probably so, even if only incrementally; perhaps if Congressmen like Schrock had been the target of Rogers’ campaign from the outset, the self-made patriot might have been more universally accepted as the hero he strives to be. Because Shrock’s dethroning comes on the heels of a campaign marked by witch hunts and scare tactics against unelected 20-somethings, the legacy of his campaign should be neither celebrated nor endorsed.

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