Members misunderstand, quickly stow $1 bills

Pressing forward with its campaign to look good for middle America, House Republicans on Wednesday held a Judiciary hearing yesterday on yet another court stripping bill – this time, to protect the Pledge of Allegiance. The bill would disallow any federal court, including the U.S. Supreme Court, from hearing any case on the constitutionality of the Pledge.

Now, the Pledge isn’t exactly gay marriage, as issues go. Hardly anyone on the Hill disagrees that “”under God”” is an immovable piece of the Pledge. The tactics at work, however, open a Pandora’’s box that has the potential to cause a major incursion on the separation of powers.

Republicans are hoping that highlighting wedge social issues through a myriad of jurisdiction-limiting bills will help the President and the GOP carry the day. It may very well work, but the fact that this questionable tactic has the potential to become a permanent fixture of the GOP political toolbox is vexing; it could prove to be an effective way of keeping moderates in the GOP at bay and the reins of the party solidly in the hands of the right-wing.

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