Yes, they’ll ban the Bible! Really!

The Republican National Committee acknowledged today that they were the source of a group of flyers claiming that Democrats would ban the Bible if Republicans didn’t show up at the polls in November. Not only that, apparently gays will marry willy nilly across the Natural State if they don’t vote Republican.

Earlier in the week, RNC honcho Ed Gillespie indicated he was not “aware of the mailing,” but did indicate that it sounds like something they might do.

The fliers are blatant fear-mongering; their connection to reality is strained at best. The best explanation provided to the New York Times was that the mailing targets those who “worry that legal rights for same-sex couples could lead to hate-crimes laws that could be applied against sermons of Bible passages criticizing homosexuality.”

It’s hard not to expect this sort of off-the-deep-end vote-grabs, however – especially with both parties spewing the notion that this election is the most important election of our generation. The pressure’s on, and the RNC has caved to it.

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