Where’s the outrage?

Senator Vincent C. Fumo of Pennsylvania lodged the f-word across the Commonwealth’s Senate floor on Thursday, but it wasn’t the one we’ve most recently heard on a different Senate floor; this one is worse. Not only did Senator Fumo utter such vulgarities during an open debate, he reportedly screamed it when the recipient didn’t hear it the first time.

Perhaps most interesting is the reacation – or lack thereof – from the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force. Last month, the NGLTF sent an open letter to California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger when he called Democratic legislators “girlie men.”

But that was a pro-gay Republican, this is a pro-gay Democrat; is that the difference? Oddly though, Senator Fumo invoked the Governator in his “apology,” saying that instead of uttering that other f-word, he “should have called the Republican leaders ‘girlie men,’” instead.

Is that really an apology? Perhaps Senator Fumo should look at the Governor’s recent record before he tries to spin his apology into a partisan attack.

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