Alan Keyes is [no longer] Making Sense

Placeholder hopeful for U.S. Senate Alan Keyes is either self-deluded to the point of near-insanity, or he’s resigned himself to defeat and is staying in the race for the fringe benefits of actual television face time. This morning on CNN’s American Morning, Keyes responded to questions about the lopsided polling in his race, currently showing Obama leading by a 43 point margin.

Keyes response [transcript later today] was to deride Anchor Soledad O’Brien for quoting and/or fabricating “false polls,” adding that he knows the good people of the State of Illinois will not elect a left-wing liberal who will (among other things) threaten traditional marriage. Despite the fact that he’s polling at 18 percent.

Granted, there are lots of candidates hanging their hat on the public’s concern about “protecting” marriage this cycle, but in Illinois at least, Obama is right to hang his hat on the public’s concern about protecting themselves from crazy.

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