No vaccine for backlash

Congressional leaders are making sure the Capitol’s top doc takes the heat for offering up a plethora of vaccinations to Members and Hill staffers at a time when America’s seniors are lining up around the block for the same thing.

Roll Call reports that the office of the Attending Physician will donate a new shipment of 3,000 vaccinations to local health organizations, after previously recommending all Members and staff get the vaccinations because of their heavy travel schedule and contact with the public. Congressional leaders are concerned that his recommendation doesn’t jibe with the Centers for Disease Control’s recommendation that the vaccines be limited to high-risk individuals, such as the elderly.

It should be noted that Majority Leader (and rock-star-caliber heart surgeon) Bill Frist (R-TN) gave the same reasoning in advocating the shots in a letter he circulated to his 99 Senate colleagues. In fairness, however, many of the 100 lawmakers do fall in the “senior citizen” category.

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