Who gets your vote on Nov. 4? Uh, 2008.

This weekend, I had an unexpected political conversation that started with a simple yet telling question from a gay Republican: “What are you thinking about 2008?” Like most of the country, I admit I’ve had November 2nd blinders on. I’m not sure I’ve even made dinner plans past the politically-charged date. But here was a moderate Republican getting ready for 2008, even before we know the outcome of 2004. Why?

Simple. For moderate Republicans who don’t find themselves too keen on Bush, it’s time to look ahead to brighter days. The current foci of these hopes are the two top [Presidentially eligible] Republicans in the field today: Rudy Giuliani and John McCain. This hope isn’t misplaced, either; aside from being moderates, these guys are as close as the GOP comes to Clintonesque rock star status.

With many moderate GOPers ready to wince at either outcome this Tuesday, perhaps hope for next contender will be the glue that holds them together until November 4. 2008. Of course, the first thing on the agenda for any White House hopeful is money. Naturally, part of my conversation revolved around fundraising efforts, starting in January. Yes, January ’05.

In deference to the Office of the President, however, let’s hope the fundraisers don’t kick-off before the inauguration.

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