When we said “big tent,” we didn’t mean you.

It seems that for some Republicans, the 2004 sweep of victories has meant that the formerly much-revered “big tent” just doesn’t quite need to be that big.

Moderate Arlen Specter felt the singe of the right’s fire and brimstone after his ill-advised shot across the conservative bow earlier this month asking the President to be mindful not to appoint judges who would “change the right of a woman to choose, overturn Roe v. Wade.”

Religious rights groups like the American Family Association fired back with grassroots alerts urging conservative-minded Senators to vote against Specter for the Judiciary Chair slot. Whether these campaigns are successful or not will be determined in the coming days as Congress returns to work this week to stop-gap fund the government through January.

If Specter is ousted as Chair, the religious right’s grip on the GOP gets stronger, and the GOP campaign message gets altered: It’s a big tent, but if you don’t agree with the President on hot button Bible issues, it’s not big enough for you.

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