Unfazed by irony, the right seeks help from activist judges

The United States Supreme Court today announced they will not hear a challenge to the Massachusetts Supreme Court decision legalizing gay marriage. With right-wing groups on record deriding the Supremes as “activist” for striking sodomy laws from the books in 2003, the challenge was nonetheless filed by religious conservative group Liberty Counsel on behalf of the Vice President of Catholic Action League.

The decision by the SCOTUS not to interfere was far from a surprise, and neither is the religious right’s decision to cross their own picket lines to seek help from “activist judges.” While their communal rant against judges who they feel cross the line between judiciary and legislative continues, the Liberty Counsel is trying their opponent’s tactics on for size; the boys and girls at the Supreme Court aren’t biting, however.

This will certainly add fuel to the claim that “liberal activist judges” are to blame for the nation’s ills. With the outlook for a legislative ban on gay marriage in Massachusetts looking worse in the aftermath of election 2004, however, the religious right might need to start preparing some “liberal activist legislators” spin.

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