“Let he who is without sin…”

The Los Angeles Times reports this week that parents at an Orange County Catholic School are threatening to remove their kids from the school if the two sons of a gay couple aren’t kicked out. The school stands behind its decision to enroll the kids, and the parents of the controversial enrollees haven’t issued any statements to the press. That fact, however, didn’t stop parent Monica Sii from suggesting that the “boys are being used as pawns by these men to further their agenda.”

None of this is surprising. Not in the least. Nor is the parents’ desire to require not only that all students, but all parents follow the strict guidelines of the church. The problem, as with every “the Bible says so” argument, comes in the details. Enacting such a pledge would require the removal of any students whose parents have ever divorced, used contraception, engaged in oral sex… the list goes on.

Now, aside from the divorce issue, the others can’t be as readily proven as the simple fact that a kid has two dads. So basically we end up with a pledge that kicks out a few kids and requires a whole herd of parents to swear they don’t engage in un-Catholic behavior in the bedroom – because what parent really wants to tell their kids that they have to switch schools because daddy wears a rubber?

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