RNC’s New Glass Headquarters

It’s old news by now, but the Republican National Committee sent an early Valentine’s Day present to Senator Reid earlier this month in the form of a research paper titled “Who is Harry Reid?” The collection of quotes is valid, but some of the attacks hit a little too close to home for the Grand Old Party.

One section accuses the venerable Nevadan of being “out of touch with mainstream America” because he lives in a $750,000 condo in the Ritz Carlton in Foggy Bottom. Problem is, they’re not looking in the mirror too closely: Reid’s counterpart on the right owns a multi-million dollar home in Washington and commutes to work on a private family jet.

There’s nothing wrong with Frist’s wealth, or with Reid’s $.75 million condo. But if the RNC is going to make arguments, at least make ones that hold water. Errr, Evian.

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