Governor Romney, President Romney

It could be the sign of the longest Presidential campaign season in recent history. Just barely a month hence the Second Inaugural of George W., Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney is making a few strategic stops as well as a few strategic speeches.

In South Carolina this past Monday, Romney gave a speech outlining his hard line stance against not only gay marriage but against all psuedoforms of it as well, including civil unions. Now, this wouldn’t be too odd, considering President Bush recently held the same position – at least until his announced support for state-based civil unions a week prior to the election. However, the position of Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney doesn’t seem to jibe with Governor Mitt Romney.

The Boston Herald reported this week on the Presidential hopeful’s speech to South Carolina conservatives and noted that while in his home state of much-more-liberal Massachusetts, the Governor has actually supported civil unions. So which one of them is running for President?

The Governor’s office is quick to note that the Governor’s support for civil unions was only a last-ditch effort to stop May 17th’s same-sex marriage fiesta from happening, and under less than Defcon 1 circumstances, he’s still opposed.

So, I guess it’s only when he’s against the fence that his staunch values can be subject to compromise. Very Presidential.

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