Leave the jokes to Will & Grace

In response to Governor Mitt Romney’s anti-same-sex-anything speech, Arline Isaacson of the Massachusetts Gay and Lesbian Political Caucus released the following statement, according to the Boston Herald:

“The governor’s kind of bi about this issue. In one venue he swings for civil unions and in another venue he says he has always been against them.”

The Governor’s flip-flop on this issue certainly provided more than adequate reason for a response from the Massachusetts GLPC, but the one they gave was childish and demeaning to the community they purport to defend. Ms. Isaacson may have thought her quips about the Governor being “bi” or “swinging” this way or that are cute, but if they were uttered by someone on the other side, she (and the folks over at GLAAD would likely find it offensive.

There’s enough mockery and offense directed toward the GLBT community from outside sources, it seems hardly necessary to propagate it from the inside on such a serious political issue.

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